torsdag 8 december 2016

Quantum Mechanics as Theory Still Without Meaning

Yet another poll (with earlier polls in references) shows that physicists still today after 100 years of deep thinking and fierce debate show little agreement about the stature of quantum mechanics as the prime scientific advancement of modern physics.

The different polls indicate that less than 50% of all physicists today adhere to the Copenhagen Interpretation, as the main text book interpretation of quantum mechanics. This means that quantum mechanics today after 100 years of fruitless search for a common interpretation, remains a mystery without meaning. Theory without interpretation has no meaning and science without meaning cannot be real science.

If only 50% of physicists would agree on the meaning of the basic text book theories of classical physics embodied in Newton/Lagranges equations of motion, Navier's equation for solid mechanics, Navier-Stokes equations for fluid dynamics and Maxwell's equations for electromagnetic, that would signify a total collapse of classical physics as science and subject of academic study.

But this not so: classical physics is the role model of science because there is virtually no disagreement on the formulation and meaning of these basic equations.

But the polls show that there is no agreement on the role and meaning of Schrödinger's equation as the basis of quantum mechanics, and physicists do not seem to believe this will ever change. This is far from satisfactory from scientific point of view.

This is my motivation to search for a meaningful quantum mechanics in the form of realQM presented in recent posts. Of course you may say that for many reasons my chances of finding some meaning are very small, but science without meaning cannot be real science.

PS Lubos Motl, as a strong proponent of a textbook all-settled Copenhagen interpretation defined by himself, reacts to the polls with
  • The foundations of quantum mechanics were fully built in the 1920s, mostly in 1925 or at most 1926, and by 1930, all the universal rules of the theory took their present the Copenhagen interpretation. If you subtract all these rules, all this "interpretation", you will be left with no physical theory whatsoever. At most, you will be left with some mathematics – but pure mathematics can say nothing about the world around us or our perceptions.
  • In virtually all questions, the more correct answers attracted visibly greater fractions of physicists than the wrong answers.
Lubos claims that more correct views, with the true correct views carried by only Lubos himself, gathers a greater fraction than less correct views, and so everything is ok from Lubos point of view. But is greater fraction sufficient from scientific point of view, as if scientific truth is to be decided by democratic voting? Shouldn't Lobos ask for 99.9% adherence to his one and only correct view? If physics is to keep its position as the king science?

Or is modern physics instead to be viewed as the root of modernity through a collapse of classical ideals of rationality, objectivity and causality?

tisdag 15 november 2016

realQM vs Hartree-Fock and DFT

I have put up an updated version of realQM (real Quantum Mechanics) to be compared with stdQM (standard QM).

stdQM is based on a linear Schrödinger equation in a $3N$ dimensional wave function with global support for an atom with $N$ electrons, which is made computable in Hartree-Fock and Density Functional Theory DFT approximations reducing the dimensionality to basically 3d.

realQM is based on a system of non-linear Schrödinger equations in $N$ 3d electron wave functions with local disjoint supports, which is computable without approximation. Evidence that realQM describes real physics is given.

onsdag 9 november 2016

Trump: End of Global Warming Alarmism

The new president of US Donald Trump expressed a clear standpoint against global warming alarmism during the presidential race:
  • The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.
  • Any and all weather events are used by the GLOBAL WARMING HOAXSTERS to justify higher taxes to save our planet! They don't believe it is $\$\$\$\$$!
  • This very expensive GLOBAL WARMING bullshit has got to stop. Our planet is freezing, record low temps,and our GW scientists are stuck in ice.
  • It’s snowing & freezing in NYC. What the hell ever happened to global warming?
  • Ice storm rolls from Texas to Tennessee - I'm in Los Angeles and it's freezing. Global warming is a total, and very expensive, hoax!
Trump says that he will end all federal clean energy development, all research on solar, wind, efficiency, batteries, clean cars, and climate science:
  • I will also cancel all wasteful climate change spending from Obama-Clinton, including all global warming payments to the United Nations. These steps will save $100 billion over 8 years, and this money will be used to help rebuild the vital infrastructure, including water systems, in America’s inner cities.
This is hopeful to the world and to science. It says that you cannot fool all the people all the time, in a democracy with free debate and science. 

This is the beginning of the end of global warming alarmism including its most aggressive form led by Sweden and Germany. The weather is now celebrating Trump's victory by heavy snow fall over Stockholm...

PS Trump picks top climate skeptic to lead EPA transition:
  • Choosing Myron Ebell means Trump plans to drastically reshape climate policies.
  • Ebell’s views appear to square with Trump’s when it comes to EPA’s agenda. Trump has called global warming “bullshit” and he has said he would “cancel” the Paris global warming accord and roll back President Obama’s executive actions on climate change (ClimateWire, May 27).
Finally, reason is taking over...

söndag 6 november 2016

Why are Scientists Openly Supporting Hillary?

Physicists and mathematicians such as Peter Woit, Leonard Susskind and Terence Tao have come out as strong supporters of Hillary in the presidential race, and then of course as strong opponents to Trump. This is unusual because scientists seldom (openly) take on political missions.

Why is that? Isn't science beyond politics? No, not in our time, and then not in particular climate science, which has become 100% politics. Climate scientists don't like Trump, because he says that climate science is 100% politics and not science. 

Is it the same thing with physics and math? Is a pure mathematician like Tao and a string theorist like Susskind fearing that a questioning non-opportunist Trump would be more difficult to deal with than an opportunist Hillary representing (scientific) establishment? What if Trump would question the value of string theory, as he did with climate science?

lördag 5 november 2016

Weinberg: Why Quantum Mechanics Needs an Overhaul!

My new book Real Quantum Mechanics seems to fill a need: Nobel Laureate in Physics Steven Weinberg believes that quantum mechanics needs an overhaul because current debates suggest need for new approach to comprehend reality:
  • I’m not as happy about quantum mechanics as I used to be, and not as dismissive of its critics.
  • It’s a bad sign in particular that those physicists who are happy about quantum mechanics, and see nothing wrong with it, don’t agree with each other about what it means.
I hope this can motivate you to check out the new approach to quantum reality presented in the book, which addresses many of the issues raised by Weinberg.

Weinberg takes the first step to progress by admitting that quantum mechanics in its present form cannot be the answer to the physics of atoms and molecules.

Of course the witness by Weinberg is not well received by ardent believers in a quantum mechanics once and for all cut in stone by Heisenberg and Born, such as Lubos Motl.

But it may be that questioning a theory, in particular a theory supposedly being embraced by all educated, shows more brains and knowledge than simply swallowing it without any question.

PS1 I put up a comment on Lubos Reference frame, but the discussion was quickly cut by Lubos, us usual...any questioning of the dogma of Heisenberg-Bohr-Born is impossible to Lubos, but that is not in the spirit of real science and physics...

PS2 Here is my closing comment which will be censored by Lubos: It is natural to draw a parallel between Lubos defence of the establishment of QM and the defence of the Clinton establishment by Woit, Tao, Susskind et cet, (rightly questioned by Lubos) in both cases a defence with objective to close the discussion and pretend that everything is perfectly normal. Right Lobos?

PS3 Here is a link to Weinberg's talk.

tisdag 25 oktober 2016

Real Quantum Mechanics: New Book

I am now starting to compile RealQM into a new book and I have put up a very first version for inspection.

The book follows in the foot steps of Schrödinger with a hope that it could have made him smile:

måndag 24 oktober 2016

And God Said Gravitational Potential!

The question if we live in a simulation is discussed by Ethan Siegel with reference to the 2016 Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate: Is the Universe a Simulation?

The debate connects to my app on Dark Energy at App Store allowing you to play with a cosmological model where gravitational potential $\phi$ is primordial from which mass $\rho$ is connected through the equation $\rho =\Delta\phi$ of local differentiation with the Laplacian differential operator $\Delta$.

In this model a fluctuation of $\phi$ around a zero initial state can create massiv positive and negative mass $\rho$ through the action of differentiation with the power of amplifying fluctuations, thus generating (seemingly out of nothing) universa of positive and negative mass which repel each other and drift apart.

What we can see may thus be one universe of positive mass with its negative counterpart since long gone beyond sight, but with the repellation still felt as dark energy.

Further, visible matter can be connected to $\Delta\phi$ being singular (like a delta-function), while dark matter may correspond to $\Delta\phi$ being smooth.

In the debate the idea of gravitation as primordial "operating system" is touched upon, but is not penetrated since the common view is that it is mass which is primordial from which gravitation magically is created by magic instant action at distance. Turning this common view around making gravitation/gravitational potential primordial, may open to understanding both dark matter and energy. What do you think?

onsdag 19 oktober 2016

Real Quantum Mechanics

Physics is wrong, from string theory to quantum mechanics. The three biggest figures in quantum mechanics, Schrödinger, Einstein and Dirac, were all quantum skeptics. (Roger Penrose in Discover Interview Sept 2009)

The approach to quantum mechanics in terms of classical realistic continuum mechanics, which I have explored in recent posts as Physical Quantum Mechanics, is now available for inspection in more precise terms in the following draft manuscript:
Here is a sample result:

fredag 30 september 2016

Pomperipossa om Skolmatematik: Lite för Alla eller Mycket för Några?

Det moderna digitala samhället bygger på avancerad matematik och det är av vital betydelse att det finns samhällsmedborgare som kan bära och utveckla denna kunskap.

Skolans matematik har som mål att ge alla det minimum av matematisk kunskap, som anses nödvändigt för fungera som rationell samhällsmedborgare och inga resurser skall sparas för att nå detta mål. Genom massiva stödinsatser med start i förskolan skall varje elev garanteras att uppnå miniminivån, som en del av en samhällelig "läsa-skriva-räkna garanti".

Samhället har alltså behov av ett relativt fåtal som kan använda avancerad matematik, i likhet med avancerad medicin, medan skolan fokuserar på trivial matematik att användas av alla.

Detta går inte ihop. Det samhälleliga värdet av avancerad matematik i händerna på ett fåtal är stort, i likhet med avancerad medicin. Men denna kan inte ersättas av trivial matematik som alla kan, som att veta hur man sätter på ett plåster. Man kan inte ersätta hjärttransplantationer utförda av några specialister med en massa plåster applicerade av många.

För att skolmatematiken skall få mening och motsvara samhällets behov av matematik, fordras att nuvarande obligatorium i form av lite för alla, ersätts av valfrihet utan obligatorium och minimikrav, där de som vill ges möjlighet att lära sig så avancerad matematik som möjligt utan maximibegränsning.

Nuvarande mantra om mimimum för alla, måste alltså överges. Men det kommer att sitta hårt inne eftersom en hel skolbyråkrati bygger på detta mantra.

Vidare behöver lärarutbildningen reformeras. Med minimum för alla som mantra räcker det med lärare med ett minimum av kunskap. Med maximum för några, krävs lärare som kan mer än minimum.

Det finns många saker att jämföra med, som tex pianospel vilket i likhet med matematik är svårt att  lära sig och krävande att utöva. Vilket samhälle är då att föredra? Ett samhälle där alla hjälpligt kan traggla sig igenom en pekfingervals på vita tangenter som resultat av en massiv utbildningsinsats från tidiga skolår, men ingen kan spela Chopin, eller ett samhälle där några kan glädja många genom riktigt spel och kanske några inte ens kan pekfingervalsen eftersom det finns så mycket annat som kan vara mer givande, som att lära sig bemästra olika datorspel? Astrid Lindgren skulle säkert ha kunnat låta Pomperipossa ta sig an denna problematik, och då kanske något skulle kunna hända?

tisdag 20 september 2016

Programmering i Skolan: Trivium eller Quadrivium?

Skolverkets förslag till nya läroplaner för grundskolan med programmering som nytt inslag, utformat på uppdrag en Regering som registrerat vibrationer från omvärlden, verkar ha fastnat i systemet då ingen proposition till Riksdagen om programmering är i sikte.

Lika bra det, eftersom Skolverkets förslag har tillkommit efter principen att göra så lite som möjligt, dock med den stora fördelen någon vidareutbildning av lärare i det nya ämnet programmering inte behövs.

Men ute i kodstugor och på bibliotek växer en underground-rörelse fram, där barn får prova på att programmera i Scratch:
  • Scratch helps young people learn to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively — essential skills for life in the 21st century.
  • Scratch is a project of the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab. 
Det informella samhället har här tagit ett initiativ till folkbildning, enligt gammal god svensk socialdemokratisk tradition, för att kompensera brister i skolans utbildning. 

Tanken med Scratch är alltså att hjälpa barn från tidig ålder att tänka kreativt och resonera systematiskt, eftersom detta anses vara väsentliga färdigheter i det vuxenliv som väntar barnen. 

Denna tanke ligger också till grund för den ökning av antalet undervisningstimmar i matematik på låg- och mellanstadium med 225 timmar, som Riksdagen beslutat: Med en ordentlig dos matematik under tidiga skolår för alla barn kommer både individ och samhälle att frodas, därför att matematik i likhet med programmering bygger på systematiskt resonerande, och det skall man lära sig i småskolan!

Men om nu systematiskt resonerande/matematik/programmering är så viktigt, och faktiskt inte så vidare enkelt ens för vuxna, vore det då inte bättre att vänta lite till dess barnen är mogna att ta emot mer än bara det enklaste? Och inte bränna det mesta krutet i förtid utan vidareutbildning av lärare, utan istället ge lärarna ordentlig vidareutbildning så att de kan förmedla något bortom det triviala? 

Klassik utbildning bestod av inledande trivium = grammatik, logik och retorik, följd av quadrivium = aritmetik, geometri, musik och astronomi. Vi ser att trivium (väsentligen språk) kom tidigt, medan quadrivium (väsentligen matematik) låg senare i utbildningen. Kanske något att tänka på även idag?